National French Fry Day – Dinner at Tay’s Burger Shack in North Kansas City

As French fries are one of my favorites food groups (i.e. curly, waffle, steak, etc.), I was having trouble choosing a favorite to feature today, so I decided it would be the perfect time to try something new. Based on a friend’s recommendation, our group headed up to North Kansas City (which we should really do more often, there’s a lot happening up there these days) to pay a visit to Tay’s Burger Shack.

It turns out ‘Shack’ is a very apt description for the little joint that sits on the corner of Armour and Linn. Unassuming on the inside and out, this place keeps it simple and is all the better for it.

Tay’s Burger Shack

I ordered a double burger and fries, and picked up some of their Sriracha Mayo to go. We then headed the short distance to Cinder Block Brewery, as they ever so kindly let you bring in outside food, and dug into our burgers and brews. Because what goes better with a burger than a cold beer, especially their Block IPA.

Double burger and fries from Tay’s Burger Shack + Block IPA from Cinder Block Brewery = ❤

The food certainly lived up to the hype. The fries were thin and well-seasoned, with just the right amount of outer crisp. And they don’t skimp you on the portion size, either. The burger paralleled the deliciousness of the fries. The patties are thin and diner-style, but are so much more flavorful and juicy than your sometimes crispy, burnt thin patties, which is where the organic grass fed beef must come into play. I would highly recommend it, especially paired with Cinder Block, the craft beer on hand to wash it all down really rounded out the whole meal nicely.

It seems fries are a highly debated and divisive topic here in KC. Where are your favorites?

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