Happy Galentine’s Day!

Because Valentine's Day is meh. Actually its origins are kind of dark, which is about the only thing that makes it even remotely interesting. So instead of celebrating the martyr of some dude(s) named Valentine, or the ritualistic sacrificing of animals and whipping of women in ancient Rome, gather your girls and go all out... Continue Reading →

National Pizza Day

As a resident of the Crossroads Arts District in downtown Kansas City, there is no shortage of good pizza near me. And so, in honor of National Pizza Day, I would like to give a little tour of five of my favorite neighborhood spots (in no particular order). Papa Keno's New Kid on the Block... Continue Reading →

Crepe Day

I don't consider myself to be much of a crepe connoisseur. I only remember having crepes one other time in my life when I 'made' them myself, but it didn't really count because I just bought the pre-made crepe pastry stuff from the grocery store. So, I decided to venture out and try some from... Continue Reading →

National Blueberry Pancake Day

Breakfast is usually neglected in my life on weekdays, more often than not consisting of me grabbing a granola bar as I'm running out the door. But on the weekends, it really gets the attention it deserves. So, it was a very happy coincidence that National Blueberry Pancake Day should fall on a Saturday, and... Continue Reading →

National Hot Sauce Day

Today, it's all about the sauce. Sometime in the last year, my boyfriend introduced me to a YouTube show called Hot Ones, where celebrities are interviewed while eating chicken wings of increasing heat. If you've never seen it, it's definitely worth a watch (a few of my favorites: Key & Peele, Terry Crews and Eric... Continue Reading →

National Cheese Lover’s Day

It's 2018! Which means it's time for me to get back on my blog game. So, for my first post of the year (and in a really, really long time sry), it's National Cheese Lover's Day! And I would definitely say I qualify. As an avid cheese fanatic, I found an article from KCUR last... Continue Reading →

National Tequila Day

How fitting that National Tequila Day would fall on a Monday. I naturally used this occasion to drag all my friends out to one of my new favorite Mexican spots in KC, Teocalí on Holmes just a mile outside of downtown. We all shared some pitchers of margaritas in celebration, and while the margaritas here... Continue Reading →

National Hot Dog Day

While there was one local hot dog place I was intrigued to try in celebration of this day (Up Dog, I mean come on, the name itself is hilarious) it unfortunately didn't fit into my schedule this week, so I settled for some grilled at home on the good ole electric grill. I did, however,... Continue Reading →

National Ice Cream Day

I spent National Ice Cream Day doing everything you're supposed to do on a perfect July summer Sunday: hanging at the pool, grilling some amazing chicken thighs and topping it off with a sweet treat, all in the company of good friends. And when you're already so comfortable poolside, why leave to go get ice... Continue Reading →

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