National Onion Ring Day

When it comes to the great debate between french fries and onion rings (actually, is there really much debate?) I have to say I'm a more of a french fry gal. But obviously when it comes to National Onion Ring Day, I had to break my loyalty. I decided to conduct a quick internet search... Continue Reading →

National Ice Cream Soda Day

What could be more fitting for the first day of summer? I decided I wanted to celebrate with something a little extra special, so I set out in search of something more than just your basic root beer float. Glacé Artisan Ice Cream on the Plaza had exactly what I was looking for: a Salted... Continue Reading →

Corn on the Cob Day

Growing up, corn on the cob was a summertime staple. My mom always made it very simply, but very well. Boiled on the stove, slathered with melted butter. While you can't go wrong with a classic, I wanted to try something a little different. We grilled our corn on the cob, probably about 15-20 minutes,... Continue Reading →

World Gin Day

It took me a long time to find out I liked gin. I blame that fact on one particular college experience where I was handed some Seagram's Extra Dry gin. Why that was even around, I will never know, but let's just say it didn't exactly go down easy. It's a shame my opinion of gin... Continue Reading →

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

As I've been a lifelong fan of both chocolate and ice cream, it could be something of a surprise that regular old chocolate flavored ice cream has never really ranked at the top of my favorite flavors. With that in mind, I set out with the idea that, if possible, I would mix it up... Continue Reading →

National Donut Day

In honor of National Donut Day I headed to a new-ish local doughnut shop for lunch, Donutology. (Yes, I ate doughnuts for lunch like the 25-year-old adult that I am.) Their shtick is a make-your-own doughnuts bar, which seemed cool, but due to us picking the busiest doughnut day in the world to visit, wasn't... Continue Reading →

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