National Tequila Day – Margs at Teocalí

How fitting that National Tequila Day would fall on a Monday. I naturally used this occasion to drag all my friends out to one of my new favorite Mexican spots in KC, Teocalí on Holmes just a mile outside of downtown.

A pitcher of house margaritas at Teocalí.

We all shared some pitchers of margaritas in celebration, and while the margaritas here are good, they’re not necessarily anything to write home about. What really sets them apart is the consistently great food.

They are home to the best fish tacos I’ve had thus far in Kansas City (Tacos Puerta Vallarta on the menu), and Foursquare users will back me up on that. The fish is cooked to perfection and the homemade chipotle sauce really puts it over the top. They were so good, I got them twice in a row on my first two visits. This time, I figured I should probably try something else for once, and opted for the Quesadilla Miramar (shrimp quesadilla), which was also delicious.

One final tip: if you’re into spicy, request the hot salsa if you order chips and salsa. They typically only bring out the mild, but the hot is worth the request if you like heat. And it is hot, but also tasty, the kind of salsa that you keep shoveling in while your eyes and nose stream.

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