National Cheese Lover’s Day – A Few Favorite Kansas City Cheese Dishes

It’s 2018! Which means it’s time for me to get back on my blog game. So, for my first post of the year (and in a really, really long time sry), it’s National Cheese Lover’s Day! And I would definitely say I qualify.

As an avid cheese fanatic, I found an article from KCUR last month detailing the Best Cheese Dishes in Kansas City of particular interest. Suffice it to say, KC is a pretty damn good place to foster a love for all things cheesy.

After perusing the extensive list, I saw a few favorites, as well as a good amount to add to my must-try list. So in honor of this day honoring those who honor cheese, I decided to put together my own little list of some of the best cheesiness I’ve found around the metro.

Mac & Cheeses

mac diablo.jpg
The Mac Diablo at McCoy’s Public House

I don’t think you can be a fan of cheese without also being a fan of mac & cheese. As you will see as you continue down my list, I pretty much believe cheese and carbs are meant to be together. There’s no shortage of stellar mac & cheese in this city, but a few of my favorites so far:

  • Gram & Dun’s Burnt End Mac & Cheese – because what’s better than marrying Kansas City barbecue with the ultimate cheesy comfort food?
  • McCoy’s Public House Mac Diablo – McCoy’s actually dedicates a whole section of their menu to mac & cheese, with a build your own option and some signature combos of their own. The Mac Diablo is the perfect amount of heat, and the flavor of the chorizo cuts through the deluxe cheesiness well.
  • Extra Virgin’s Poblano Mac & Cheese – brought to the table still sizzling in a skillet, it’s so good I don’t think I’ve ever been there and not ordered it. Bonus, it’s one of the items you can get half price during happy hour (M-F, 4 p.m.-6 p.m.). Bonus bonus, every time you order it a donation is made to help #kickhunger on behalf of TNFL & the KC Chiefs, so you don’t even have to feel guilty about it. Also, I can’t write a cheese post and mention Extra Virgin without also giving a shout out to the Ricotta with grilled Rosemary Bread. Cannot get enough of that stuff.

Cheese with Bread

Grilled Cheese at Cheesy Street

Don’t tell pasta, but cheese and bread also make a very tasty union. From crackers with cheese plates to a simple slice between bread, there’s clearly a reason the two occur together so often. Here’s a couple instances you can’t miss:

  • Cheesy Street food truck’s Gourmet Grilled Cheeses – yes, you read that right, a whole food truck dedicated to the art of the grilled cheese. And by truck I really mean cute, cozy bright orange camper. All of their varieties are a hit, and they also offer cups of tomato soup for dunking. They are frequently found at Torn Label Brewing Company on weekend nights (because beer + cheese = duh), but you can check out their Facebook page to track them down around town.
  • Ibis Bakery’s Cheese Slipper – I don’t know how I made it 26 years on this Earth without knowing about the existence of the Cheese Slipper, but now I’m mad about it. I tried my first one at their shared space with Messenger Coffee in the Crossroads, and now there’s no going back.
Ibis Bakery Cheese Slipper

Cheese Fries

And last but certainly not least, cheese and potatoes, yet another classic combination:

  • HopCat’s Crack Fries – they have crack in the name for a reason. Great with any of the wide variety of local beer on tap, these fries don’t skimp on portion size. Or cheese. I’m not sure if HopCat is more well known for its beer or these fries tbh.
  • The Peanut’s Wings & Cheese Fries – you can’t go wrong with The Peanut’s wings, unless you order them with anything other than the Cheese Fries.

The list could go on and on (and on and on…), but I’ll leave it at that. I know I left a lot off (cheese plates, deep fried cheese creations, extra cheesy pizzas, etc.), so sound off in the comments with your favorite KC cheesiness, I’d love recommendations on what to try next.


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