National Meatball Day – Lunch at Meatball District on 39th Street

Meatballs are a very versatile food, which is maybe one of the reasons I love them so much. They go from snack to appetizer to dinner with ease and are just as at home between two slices of bread in a sub as they are in a hearty bowl of pasta.

Meatball District on 39th Street in Kansas City

In celebration of the many iterations of these delicious little balls of meat, I headed to Meatball District, on 39th Street. I had been there only once before some time ago and didn’t realize until I saw the new menus that it quietly changed ownership last spring, and I enjoyed my meal there much more this time around.

Meatball Sliders at Meatball District. Left: Classic Right: Asian

All of the meatball favorites are still on the menu (meatball subs, sliders and spaghetti), but there are many fresh new additions (a District Spaghetti and Meatball with chili oil, and Chicken Parmesan, for instance) that really round out the menu for a comfortable and casual Italian concept that feels like a good fit for the 39th Street corridor.

Classic Meatball Sub at Meatball District

As it was National Meatball Day, I stuck to a classic, the meatball sub, and it did not disappoint. It’s served open-faced, with large, flavorful meatballs, marinara, and of course, cheese, with a side of chips. It was everything a meatball sub should be, large, messy, hard to eat and above all, delicious. So, if you haven’t given Meatball District a try in the last year or so, it’s certainly worth a visit. I know I’ll be back.

Close Up of Classic Meatball Sub at Meatball District

What are some other places around with stand-out meatballs? Would love to hear!

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