Crepe Day – Brunch at Chez Elle in Kansas City’s Westside

I don’t consider myself to be much of a crepe connoisseur. I only remember having crepes one other time in my life when I ‘made’ them myself, but it didn’t really count because I just bought the pre-made crepe pastry stuff from the grocery store. So, I decided to venture out and try some from a place that certainly knows what they’re doing, Chez Elle Creperie in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood.

The place was bustling when I visited. I immediately loved the charm of the converted Summit Theater building. I only wish it had been nice enough to eat outside at one of the patio tables on the front sidewalk. When you first walk in, check out the large menu board on the wall and then step up to the counter to place your order. You’re then given a number to take to one of many tables spread throughout the large space, with separate rooms branching off from each side of the ordering area. Even though the place was packed, the busy staff was doing a good job of getting tables turned over, and we had no problem finding a cozy spot for two in the back of one of the rooms. Head into the room off to the right for a direct look of a large counter where the crepes are being made.

The Monsieur and Pollo Verde Crepes at Chez Elle Creperie (+ coffee, of course).

Whenever I think of crepes, I only really think of the sweet, fruity varieties, so I decided to try something different to challenge this apparently narrow-minded idea of what crepes could be. This was not a difficult feat by any means with Chez Elle’s extensive menu. I ordered the Monsieur, a ‘Breakfast Crepe’, and a delicious one at that. Its inner layers filled with spicy chorizo, seasoned potatoes and cheese, it was then topped with scrambled eggs and a deliciously thick and spicy gravy. My boyfriend chose the Pollo Verde crepe. Of the ‘Savory’ variety on the menu, it was filled with pepper jack cheese and chicken and topped with an incredible, creamy verde aioli and red pepper sauce. I would have to say his was my favorite of the two (that verde sauce was really something special), but it all just depends on what you’re in the mood for; lunch, breakfast, something sweet, they’ve got you covered.

The Monsieur Crepe filled with spicy chorizo, cheese and potatoes is topped with scrambled eggs and gravy.

And it’s not all just crepes and coffee. They’ve got boozy brunch drinks, a pastry case overflowing with all of your French-inspired favorites (croissants, macaroons, etc.), and soups, as well. I know that today is all about the crepes, but I couldn’t end my review of Chez Elle without mentioning the Lobster Bisque Soup. We got a cup to split between the two and that was the only regret of my meal, that I didn’t get more (and eat it all to myself). So rich and creamy, with large chunks (they aren’t skimping on the chunks here, people) of delicious, tender lobster. In all honestly, I’ll be coming back just for this. But also crepes.



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