National Donut Day – Dones & Coffee at Donutology

In honor of National Donut Day I headed to a new-ish local doughnut shop for lunch, Donutology. (Yes, I ate doughnuts for lunch like the 25-year-old adult that I am.) Their shtick is a make-your-own doughnuts bar, which seemed cool, but due to us picking the busiest doughnut day in the world to visit, wasn’t worth the wait today.

Donutology on National Donut Day

So instead, we settled on their more traditional dones, one cake doughnut with sprinkles, one maple iced doughnut and 6 of their glazed doughnut holes. All was delicious, although I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to slather my own custom doughnut holes with strawberry icing and fruity pebbles. It all paired well with a Roasterie Cold Brew, which this was my first time trying the canned version (I was very impressed) and my boyfriend tried their custom collab Roasterie Donutology blend, which he said was also good.

Donutology Donuts with Roasterie Coffee

All in all, it was a cool space (speaking of space, they also sent a doughnut there, no big deal) with solid doughnuts. I tried not to knock it too much based on how busy a day it was, but I’d have to say Doughnut Lounge still has my heart. Anthony made the observation that this place seemed more geared toward kids, with the make-your-own concept, whereas Doughnut Lounge (while still kid-friendly) is a much more sophisticated atmosphere, and I mean, they serve drinks. Plus, I really enjoy their wider variety of options and unexpected flavors.

Doughnuts & Coffee from my Last Trip to Doughnut Lounge

But hey, any day that provides an excuse to indulge in some sprinkles is alright by me.

A very flattering profile by Anthony Roderman.

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