World Gin Day – Drinks at Tom’s Town & Lifted Spirits in Kansas City’s Crossroads Arts District

It took me a long time to find out I liked gin. I blame that fact on one particular college experience where I was handed some Seagram’s Extra Dry gin. Why that was even around, I will never know, but let’s just say it didn’t exactly go down easy. It’s a shame my opinion of gin was tainted so, because I missed out on many years of some excellent drinks.

My rediscovery of gin can be mostly attributed to Tom’s Town Distilling Co. on Main Street downtown. As the name suggests, they are a distillery, making their own vodka, gin, and I believe now, bourbon. As the first downtown distillery in KC since prohibition, their space has taken on a Gatsby-era feel and a sophisticated, yet fun, atmosphere. And it is their McElroy’s Corruption Gin that welcomed me with open arms. After trying some of their more fruity/sweet concoctions, I have found a new favorite drink in the Corruption Gimlet.

Corruption Gimlet at Tom’s Town Distilling Co.

After this wonderful realization, I’ve set out to try more gin drinks around town. Another favorite resides at Lifted Spirits Distillery, also in the Crossroads Arts District on Cherry St. Their Bright Gin is tasty and refreshing, and, like at Tom’s Town, is offered in a variety of unique and creative cocktails.

Bright Gin Offerings and Drinks at Lifted Spirits

If you’re feeling bold, I would highly recommend ordering a ‘Hail Mary’, which is basically bartender’s choice. The staff asked my liquor preference, then proceeded to make me a very tasty surprise drink with their gin and some other flavor-infused liquor. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. I also tried the Crossroads Sour, which was another excellent gin drink that was both fruity, but not too sweet.

The ‘Hail Mary’ at Lifted Spirits. Please excuse my photo-bombing knucklehead of a friend.

Also can we just talk about how cool their glasses are?

I still have yet to try Rieger’s Midwestern Dry Gin, but as a huge fan of their whiskey I’m sure I’d enjoy it, though that word ‘dry’ in the title has me a bit wary. Also on my list to try is the Restless Spirits Builders Botanical Gin. I only recently became aware of them up in the Northland when I was across the street at Cinder Block Brewery, and have been wondering if they have a tasting room.

What’s your go-to gin drink? I’m always looking for recommendations to expand my drink-ordering abilities.



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