International Sushi Day & International Picnic Day

When I saw that International Picnic Day and International Sushi Day fell on the same day, I was having a hard time deciding which I was going to celebrate. Then I thought, why not both? And so a sushi picnic was born.

Enjoying a sushi picnic on the lawn at the Liberty Memorial.

While there are a number of good sushi places in town, I didn’t feel like fussing over a to-go order on Father’s Day, so to keep things simple (and cheap) I swung by the Cosentino’s downtown market for a couple of their pre-made sushi rolls. While I am a fan of sushi, I’m certainly no aficionado, so try not to judge too harshly when I say it’s pretty good for grocery store sushi. I chose two of their ‘Boston’ rolls, which consist of shrimp and are topped with a considerably yummy spicy mayo sauce.

The Boston Roll from Cosentino’s Downtown Market

We took our picnic just a few blocks from our apartment up on the grassy hill of the Liberty Memorial, where we found a good spot in the shade of one of the large trees on the grounds overlooking Union Station. The cool, yet spicy, sushi was a perfect match for the lazy, warm breeze for a late afternoon meal. And there was only one casualty as a result of my below average chopstick skills. Overall, though, I’d say sushi makes for pretty good picnic fare.

Dave waiting patiently for a chopstick mishap.

As far as real sushi is concerned, I’m currently digging Friends Sushi on 39th Street and the new Blue Sushi Sake Grill in Westwood. Still on my list to try is Bob Wasabi, also on 39th Street.

I’m also now a firm believer in picnic-ing much more often, and have the Nelson-Atkins lawn and Loose Park top of mind as next spots.

What are your go-to sushi places in KC? Or your fave picnic hide outs? And hey, maybe next time, try putting the two together.

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  1. I like the all the love for 39th street. I heard from a friend that Kirkland brand Sushi is pretty good. You should check that out next.


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