National Catfish Day – Dinner at Lutfi’s Fried Fish on Main

When I saw this on the calendar, I knew exactly where I was headed. I love fried fish, and I knew I wanted to try someplace new, someplace that had caught my attention during my many trips up and down Main Street: Lutfi’s Fried Fish. It’s hard to miss their eye-catching orange storefront sign, and I’d been intrigued by it for over a year now.

I headed in for Sunday dinner and was at first taken aback by the extensive options available on their menu that literally takes up a whole wall. But none of that mattered, because I was on a mission. I went with their Basa Catfish Dinner, the 1/2 pound four strip option, and chose mac and cheese (because duh) and green beans (to try to make a feeble attempt at a healthy choice) as my two sides.

The Catfish Dinner at Lufti’s Fried Fish

It came out with an addition of sliced bread and lemon on the side, and an offer of tartar sauce which I politely declined because I think it’s gross. Judge me. It was a platter full of comfort food that I devoured with abandon before my boyfriend even got his food (in part due to the fact that his took much longer than it should have, but still).

The catfish strips were deliciously seasoned and just the right amount of crispy on the outside. The mac and cheese was satisfactory, and I even enjoyed the flavor of the green beans, which had a bit of kick.

Close up on the catfish tenders.

It was a solid meal to end the weekend on, and I would definitely go back.

Another great place for fried catfish is Gus’s Fried Chicken on 47th Street just across the state line. While obviously their claim to fame is their chicken, they’ve got catfish on special certain days of the week, and it is very much worth a try. Get it with the hush puppies, and of course, the mac and cheese.

Have some other hidden gems for fried fish around the city? You know I’d love to hear about ’em.

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