National Chocolate Ice Cream Day – A Cone at Kansas City’s New Westport Ice Cream Bakery

As I’ve been a lifelong fan of both chocolate and ice cream, it could be something of a surprise that regular old chocolate flavored ice cream has never really ranked at the top of my favorite flavors. With that in mind, I set out with the idea that, if possible, I would mix it up a bit and try something a little wilder with chocolate ice cream as the base.

I headed to the recently opened Westport Ice Cream Bakery (located in the space previously occupied by Murray’s Ice Cream). As the name suggests, they cover ice cream and baked goods, as well as authentic Italian Shalolly and Sorbetto, which I really want to try but that is not what today is all about.

I decided immediately on their ‘Chocolate Waffle Cone’ flavor, which is exactly what it sounds like, chocolate ice cream with decent sized chunks of waffle cone mixed throughout. I got a single scoop on a cake cone, so as to not lose the waffle cone chunks behind additional waffle cone. The flavor was enjoyable, and I was pleasantly surprised that the chunks of cone still offered some crunch without being too soggy within the ice cream. In my excitement upon seeing this flavor, I did overlook another more interesting sounding flavor that I wish I would have tried a taste of: Ghost Pepper Hot Chocolate. I’ll be back.

Chocolate Waffle Cone Ice Cream Cone at Westport Ice Cream Bakery

I have been here one time previously, right when they first opened, and had what might be my new all time favorite ice cream flavor. Their ‘Cookie Monster’ flavor is a bright blue (don’t worry, the blue is just for color, not flavor) concoction of deliciousness complete with chunks of cookie dough AND Oreo’s mixed in, basically the perfect combination of two of my faves, cookie dough and cookies ‘n cream. It was incredibly good, without being too rich. It will, however, turn your entire mouth blue. If I were ever to commission my own ice cream flavor, it would be this, seriously.

Cookie Monster Ice Cream at Westport Ice Cream Bakery

Some of my other favorite local ice cream spots:

  • Betty Rae’s Ice Cream: Known for their unique flavors and homemade waffle cones, which are a must get here. I may be a little biased as this is a spin-off of a college favorite, Sparky’s Ice Cream, in Columbia, MO. They also now have an ice cream truck, which I’m anxiously waiting to run into somewhere around town, as their Waldo location is a bit of a drive for me (albeit very, very worth it). If you go on a summer weekend evening, anticipate a line.
  • Glacé Artisan Ice Cream: A bit more upscale, Glacé is definitely worth a try. Created by Kansas City premiere chocolate maker, Christopher Elbow, you can expect the same quality, attention to detail and variety of flavors that his fine chocolate brand is known for.
  • Sylas and Maddy’s: Originating in Lawrence, they now have a location in Olathe, KS. And for me to tout a place on the Kansas side, you know it’s gotta be a pretty big deal. Their homemade ice cream is characteristically rich, thick and creamy, and comes in an extensive amount of flavors.

On my list to try:

  • Miami Ice: A bright and vibrant storefront on 39th Street, it’s been calling to me from its many billboards around town. I vow to make it here at some point this summer.
  • Paleterias Tropicana: As I pass this place multiple times a week on my way home on Southwest Blvd., I am continually promising myself I need to stop in for their authentic, homemade Mexican ice cream.

What’s your favorite KC ice cream shop?

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